We collaborated with artist, Isaiah Peck, to speak about what performing means to him.

Starting at the early age of 9, Isaiah began his career as a performer training in dance training in many styles from hip-hop, ballet, jazz and more. His talent and hard work have taken him around the world performing in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Beyond the stage, Isaiah has graced both the small and big screens, making appearances in productions like “American Girl – Isabelle Dances into the Spotlight,” “TVO Kids – The Power of Play,” and “Backstage.” His breakthrough came in 2015 when he landed the lead role as Henry in Season 4 of “The Next Step” on Family Channel. This marked the beginning of a journey that led him to join the cast on international tours across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Europe, spanning the 5th, 6th, and 7th seasons. Most recently, he appeared in the premiere of Express at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) written and directed by 24-year-old filmmaker Ivan D. Ossa.

Isaiah Peck walking down hill in a meadow with blue skies and clouds

Isaiah truly understands the amount of hard work that goes into not just being on stage but also what it takes to plan what happens on stage. When we asked him what performing meant to him he responded with the following:

“When I perform, I feel powerful. I feel unstoppable. I feel untouchable.

Because when I’m on stage, I feel like there’s nothing that can stop me.

There’s nothing that can change what I’m doing, there’s nothing that can get in my way.”

Isaiah’s skillset as a dancer, musician, artist, and overall creative has inspired many to continue creating and elevate their art.



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