StageKeep, the innovative SaaS productivity tool that empowers professionals in the live performance industry, has achieved a major milestone with a substantial investment from Sunstone Management. This funding infusion represents a significant vote of confidence in StageKeep’s groundbreaking platform, designed to connect choreographers, producers, stage managers, and stakeholders, ultimately optimizing budgets and streamlining the production process. Sunstone Management’s investment further solidifies StageKeep’s position as a key player in the live performance space and paves the way for transformative growth and industry-wide impact.

Renowned for its visionary approach and expertise in identifying disruptive technologies, Sunstone Management has chosen to invest in StageKeep due to its exceptional potential to revolutionize the live performance industry. As an investment firm dedicated to fostering growth and supporting forward-thinking ventures, Sunstone Management’s decision to back StageKeep demonstrates their confidence in the platform’s ability to redefine how professionals collaborate and optimize resources. StageKeep’s SaaS productivity tool has garnered accolades for its ability to streamline and enhance the production process for choreographers, coaches, directors, producers, lighting managers, and dancers. With StageKeep’s intuitive platform, stakeholders can seamlessly communicate, review production plans, visualize stage formations, and streamline rehearsals, resulting in substantial cost savings and elevated performance quality.

The funding from Sunstone Management reinforces the industry-wide recognition that StageKeep has garnered for its groundbreaking approach to optimizing live performances. The endorsement of StageKeep by four-time Grammy Award-winning producer Timbaland at the Collision Conference further exemplifies the platform’s genius and potential for transforming the industry. With credits that include working with iconic artists such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and more, Timbaland’s praise carries significant weight and further cements StageKeep’s reputation as a game-changer.

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February 2024


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