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Take your movement out of the studio and to the next level. Whether you are a dancer, choreographer, coach or cheerleader, this is the best app to visualize and share your formations and choreography. Our features include custom formation mapping, music synchronization, transition visualization, commenting, preset formations, custom stages and more. Save time on your performance’s production with the boundless creativity from StageKeep.

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Sync your formations with music

Formations mean nothing without their transitions to get there. Choreographers, coaches and directors can now visualize how their formations will work with music. Dancers will also be able to understand and learn faster by seeing their formations come alive.

Organize your performers.

Let your performers know the formations ahead of time. This will allow the choreographer to focus more on the choreography and help performers remember where they need to be on stage. Become a more efficient and more organized choreographer.

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Avoid collisions before they happen.

Find out if your formations will create any possible collisions. This will ensure your performers are prepared, the execution of your performance is flawless and most importantly that your performers are safe.

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